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Always keep your family and loved ones in touch with you, even after you pass away.

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Show them that you care!

Send future emails, SMS, real pre-recorded phone calls and even a hand-selected lovely gifts! Take advantage of our all-new capabilities and features!

They will get your SMS

Send pre-scheduled lovely SMS(s) on their birthdays, New Year, XMAS, Marriage Anniversary, other specified occasions and more!

They will hear your voice!

Your family will get your phone calls from you even after you pass away! Say happy birthday, send kisses, advice, wish luck, be proud of them!

Terminate your accounts

Termination of your social media accounts and other services is more applicable to MyTrustedWill termination services

Assign a trusted contact

We reach this trusted contact during the manual verification process to identify your life status. 85% of the process is self-conducted by our AI Systems.

Only AI, No Human-Access!

Your data are managed by AI systems to ensure that your requests are handled and delivered to recipients. No human can ever have access to this data, even us.

Registered Users

Updating every 9 Hours

Calls and SMS

Updating every 7 Hours

Stored Emails

Updating every 7 Hours

Uploaded Files

Updating every 8 Hours

Artificial Intelligence - Crafted by Experts

At the core of the software are two artificial intelligence systems: Arya, and The Golden Nerve. Arya is the AI that handles all the legwork that goes into processing user requests and delivering missives to their intended recipients at the right time. theGN AI uses a 4-stage verification process to check if the “life status” of any user has changed in a 25-hour period using direct and indirect ways.

Life Local Verifiers Network

The LLVN is an additional verification step undertaken by a human to ensure that the change in life status detected is reliable. The AI assigns verifiers in different neighborhoods, who make sure first hand that the individual suspected to have passed away has, after all, passed away.

Help us to verify this soon!

You can report any death cases happens around you by visiting the Report a deceased person section, or connect to our live chat services to report.

Always keep your family and loved ones in touch with you, even after you pass away.

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