Because. You'll be truly missed.

Always keep your family and loved ones in touch with you, even after you pass away.

About MyTrustedWill

Send things they won't expect!

Send personalized future emails, SMS, videos, audio files and make phone calls! Your data are safe because we are dealing with very sensitive data, we used the same encryption algorithm used by the US Gov.

They will get your lovely text

Your family will receive SMS from you even after you pass away! Send SMS on their birthdays, New Year, Marriage Anniversary, specified occasions and more! our SMS templates will definitely give you more ideas.

They will hear your voice!

Your family will receive phone calls from you even after you pass away! Say happy birthday, send kisses, advice, wish luck, be proud of them! Enjoy our free 14 min of calls to any mobile or landlines.

Safely terminate your accounts

Termination of your Facebook account and other accounts is more applicable with MyTrustedWill, once we verify that your life status is changed. We will instruct these websites to close and terminate your accounts.

Easily Assign a trusted contact

Our team will reach this trusted contact during the manual verification process to identify your life status. 85% of the verification process is self-conducted by our AI Systems, 10% by Local Verifiers, and 5% by our team.

Only AI, No Human-Access at all!

Your data are managed by hand-crafted AI systems: "Arya" and "theGN", both are ensuring that your requests are handled and safely delivered to the recipients. No human can ever have access to this data, even us.

Registered Users

Updated every 7 hours

Uploaded Files

Updated every 8 hours

Calls and SMS

Updated every 8 hours

Life Verifiers

Updated every 48 hours

Introducing: Our Artificial Intelligent Systems

Our teams took more than 19 Months to develop this two AI system, theGOLDENerve and ARYA, TheGN takes around 73 Hours to auto-verify your life status. It manages the "Local Verifiers" Network, and sort them based on their availabilities, places covered, behavior, and more!

Life Local Verifiers in your Neighborhood

The Local Life Verifier Network or the (LLVN) is a human verification step in our verification process, to verify your life status. Our systems auto-assign the nearest life local verifier to your neighborhood, so he/she can go and visit your home address, then back to confirm using a special reporting tool.

Report any death cases around you

You can report any death cases happens around you by calling support line 1-302-313-6352 or Report death case through the website.

Always keep your family and loved ones in touch with you, even after you pass away.

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